I was brought up in a very famous temple town called Guruvayur, Kerala. Many devotees get married at this temple. Due to this, there are many marriage halls and auditoriums nearby the temple. When I was studying, I used to go for catering ,and for the SADHYA on weekends and holidays.

One day, while we were serving the Sadhya, an old uncle got angry with one of our teammates. I asked him, what happened? He said the dish which he was serving was not in the right place. Yes. Sadhya has a structure on how it is to be served…

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I can see many people are interested in writing. I would like to share a few tips and break some mysteries about writing from my experience.

Don’t just write.
Compose. Compose your idea. Writing is a craft. To become a better craftsman, we need to do it often and improve our skills. It’s like a painting. You draw a rough sketch, darken it. Then you paint it. Same effort goes into the writing. You have an idea. Make it in points. Then elaborate and Edit the story.

Do we need a vast vocabulary to write?
People say it’s required only…

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I love these two phrases. I believe it can change our perspectives and become a more compassionate person.

Those are :
1, Sorry
2, Thank you.


Sometimes it’s not that easy to pronounce this simple phrase. It hurts our ego and pride because someway it admits that we may be wrong. When we are apologizing, it shows our maturity and the openness to acknowledge the mistakes. We all are imperfect. So we do make mistakes. ‘Sorry’ doesn’t change the past, but it is meant to be the hope for the better future. When we apologise, we value the relationship…

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One fine day, you realise that your body is getting out of shape and decide to get up early in the morning and go for jogging or workout. You kept the alarm for the next day at 5 am. The next day, the alarm starts ringing. what is your mind saying? It’s okay to skip today. I am tired today, I can start tomorrow. What difference will it make with one day? You slept late last night. You need a perfect 8 hours sleep, if not I will get a headache. your mind is playing games with you. You are…

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“This might not be ‘intuitive’ for the user”.
“UI should be intuitive”
We as designers can’t pass a single day without listening to this word, INTUITIVE, from our stakeholders or clients. Sometimes this becomes a limitation to the scope of the design.

Mr Loren Brichter couldn’t have invented the gesture — Pull- to Refresh, if he thought too much about the normal user gestures and patterns. He could have found a spot and just stuck a cliched ‘refresh’ button somewhere on the top as usual.

A few people consider that, if it’s new or unfamiliar, then it’s not intuitive. But…

I am quarantined because I travelled from Karnataka to Kerala. In India, If we cross the state border we have to be quarantined for 14 days. We rented a home in a village at Thrissur, for quarantine, where there are not many houses around but filled with green.

Be Curious.

To walk into nature is to witness a thousand miracles.” Mary Davis
I started posting the countdown with a picture every day. It was challenging and I had to push a little farther, to get different pictures every day from that 15 meters surroundings. Every morning, I used to spend some…

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A few months back, I was presenting a design session and one of the stakeholders said that “this is not what we are expecting” and “these designs are not up to the mark”. Seriously! The design and product team took months to come up with that particular UI. We took it as a challenge with good spirit. As a team, we gathered all the pieces of information and expectations from the client-side and came up with new designs which they liked and approved.

Needs more pop.” “ I don’t like that Orange” “Something is off” “I don’t know” “It’s not…


(Not a book review.)

Three Cups of Tea is inspiring non-fiction about Greg Mortenson, an American who built schools in remote villages of Pakistan’s Mountain valleys.

Mortenson was a mountaineer. Once he lost his way and ended up in Korphe a small village, after an unsuccessful attempt to climb K2 in 1993. He spent some time in that village and realised that there are no schools for the village kids. He promised the village chief Haji Ali he would build a school in Korphe so the children could study. …

For extroverts, it might be a little difficult this lockdown. It’s nothing new for most of the introverts. Many people say lockdown days are boring and complain about these days. I believe, if we are strong we can help someone to become strong. We make more and we can give more. Why can’t we be more strong and take advantage of these lockdown days?

Enough of excuses. We used to blame the work timings for our irregular food habits. Now most of us are working from home and we can have our meals on time, especially breakfast. Be fit. Take…

Disclaimer: I am not part of the Marunadan Malayali team. These are my perspectives and assumptions on their (https://www.marunadanmalayali.com/) News Portal’s user experience as a UX professional who graduated in Journalism.

Whenever some serious issues happen I visit their website or youtube channel to know Marunadan Malayali’s perspective. There are many Malayalam news portals. Many started and faded away. They are one of the best in Malayalam news portals and highly engaged with readers and viewers. Let’s see (guess) how they are doing it. (MM=Marunadan Malayali)

Content Architecture
The main or trend news is presented as an image with bullet points…


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