EagleOwl ready to chase the rabbits.

Finally, the beta version is here. yeah, EagleOwl ready to chase the rabbits. Am extremely happy to see it’s beta live. Our real users started using it and giving constructive feedbacks.

UX designer is not a design generator, he/ she reflects / find a solution for the requirements/feedback/business needs/problem. So the communication between the stakeholders and the product designers should be transparent, genuine and crisp.

As usual, there were so many meetings and calls regarding this product. But what comes first in my mind is the night, where I and Vinodh draw all the initial flow of the entire product in the paper. The tea, we had it in the midnight from a road side vendor, was an energy booster. The mosquitos of prestige Shantiniketan who bite us in the midnight while waiting for the taxi. It’s all worth.

Then we made so many changes from the paper sketches. It was an evolving experience. The team meetings were filled with arguments, guess, hypothesis and facts. We fought to give the best experience to our users.

Why Eagleowl?

The margins are thin, the heat is on. Restaurant backend operations are tough. Rising food costs, inventory issues, price fluctuations and wastage don’t make it any easier, they will dent your bottom line.

Eagleowl calculates your food cost with precision, Get a snapshot of your restaurant health in our dashboard, and easy setup, easier to use.

EagleOwl is your restaurant operations manager with razor sharp focus on improving your back office efficiency using a bit of science, technology, and common sense.

Yes, Common sense. :)

The initial feedback from users and friends who have had a demo is encouraging. Please do spread the word. Help your friend (Restaurant Owner / Food Tech startup owner) to increase his sales and profit with more Insights. And you know, it’s a Beta. More is on the way with our user’s feedbacks and support. We are thrilled to hear from you.