Lockdown Shots

For extroverts, it might be a little difficult this lockdown. It’s nothing new for most of the introverts. Many people say lockdown days are boring and complain about these days. I believe, if we are strong we can help someone to become strong. We make more and we can give more. Why can’t we be more strong and take advantage of these lockdown days?

Enough of excuses. We used to blame the work timings for our irregular food habits. Now most of us are working from home and we can have our meals on time, especially breakfast. Be fit. Take care of ourselves. We can watch many youtube videos for guidance to do the basic exercises and stretching. It’s important to maintain a healthy body because our body is our real-life partner from birth to death.

Domain expertise and Soft Skills
“What Got You Here Won’t Get You There”. Continuous learning should be part of our life to live successfully. We need to master more skills to go beyond. Sharpen our skills and do certifications which help to enhance our career and life.

Learning a music instrument
Learning music helps to appreciate that art form better. Music speaks in emotions and keeps us calm. Practising a musical instrument improves our patience and gives a sense of achievement.

Passion and interests
Almost everyone has a to-do list which we keep procrastinating. We fool ourselves by saying if we have some free time we could do that. Now we have time to compliment all our interests. If you are interested in becoming a writer, write more. Painter, do more paintings. Doing crafts? start today. Create something even if it’s not perfect. Spend some time on those wish lists and be content.

“People die every day, Frankie — mopping floors, washing dishes and you know what their last thought is? I never got my shot.”
~Million Dollar Baby

Use your time wisely. Let’s give it a shot.



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