I was mesmerised by the beauty of Wei Sawdong Falls. It was early morning and we were the first visitors on that day. I clicked images on mobile. I recorded a few audio clips with the natural sound.

After the trip, I wanted to write about that ‘Wei Sawdong FEEL’ as a Medium blog. I had to check the gallery (long scroll) to find the images and audio recordings in another folder. I was thinking about why they are not in the same place. Why didn’t I organise it?

I have a music composer friend, who keeps recording the audios random. She was also looking for organising these audio files and notes related to those.

We created NotesTo.Me. Journals for creative people.

You never know when inspiration will strike, or when you’ll need it.
Log images, audio and notes to yourself. Organize them your way.
Retrieve when needed

Travellers, Painters, Artists, Musicians, Designers, Chef, Writers, Bloggers or anyone who wants to keep notes and organise them, download NotesTo.Me and be a Beta user.

Our Developer Utkarsh asked, should we have ‘SHARE’ Option?

We don’t have to ‘share’ everything, right? So we named it NotesTo.Me. :)

Let’s know your feedback and suggestions to improve.



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