Wherever we are, whatever we do, Be an unstoppable creative.

I am quarantined because I travelled from Karnataka to Kerala. In India, If we cross the state border we have to be quarantined for 14 days. We rented a home in a village at Thrissur, for quarantine, where there are not many houses around but filled with green.

Be Curious.

To walk into nature is to witness a thousand miracles.” Mary Davis
I started posting the countdown with a picture every day. It was challenging and I had to push a little farther, to get different pictures every day from that 15 meters surroundings. Every morning, I used to spend some time in our yard. Like the above-stated quote, I found many new plants, flowers, butterflies, the anatomy of leaves and colours etc. “There is no better designer than nature.” Be prepared to get surprised by all those magical details which we never imagined. We need to have curiosity and patience to enjoy nature. It opens up new worlds and possibilities. We don’t have to “TRAVEL ABROAD” to get good photos. Look around and we can find thousands of possibilities for photography.

A camera is just a tool.

Photography is an ART of observation. Some times, we need to foresee a moment which is gonna happen. I have a DSLR and Go pro, but this time I wanted to use my miA1 mobile. A small place, a mobile camera and 14 days. It was challenging to get this kind of clicks with mobile.

The point is, we don’t need the latest or extraordinary gadgets (it’s always helpful) to click pics. We should learn to click without cameras. Our eyes and brain should get trained to see the FRAMES around us. That’s the basic and important thing to become a photographer.

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