Where the clouds meet the forest…

It’s a wonderful morning. Listening to Coldplay “A Head full of dreams”. I thought I write something. huh… Okay… I would like to write about one of the websites which we worked recently. I do freelance sometimes, with the most comfortable stakeholders who knows the value of design in the business. (In other words, am very lazy to do freelance works after the office hours. :) ) I will brief the design process we followed for this project. No, it’s not invented by us. It’s worked for us. :)

The project was to redesign the website www.mycloudforest.in and add e-commerce element to that website.

Before we get into the process part, let me introduce my buddy in completing this project. Shaji Kaytee. a brilliant designer, genius, wonderful human being.

Understand: Before we can build a product, we need to understand its context for existence. Ask many (Stupid) questions to the client. He knows it better. His business model, goals and competitors. Anything and everything… We discussed a list of keywords, concept mockups, and mood boards. Shared with the client and made sure that we are in the right direction.

First set of wireframes for Mycloudforest

Define: If we don’t know who we’re building for, then we don’t know why. Do product research. We discussed user journeys, Information architecture, Low fidelity mockups. We set our benchmarks by referring the best product websites. We shared the initial mockups.

Iterate: we discussed and iterated (so many times) the mockups. It’s always easy to iterate in mockup stage and we can reduce the revisions in designing stage. We made high fidelity prototypes and got validated.

First set of prototypes for Mycloudforest

Design: If they’re not desirable, they don’t make the cut. Shaji Chettan (Chettan means bro (In respect) in Malayalam.) came up with color palettes where the CLOUD and FOREST merge together.

Collaborate: If we worked on the project, we should make sure that it mirrors the design mockups we’ve created. The developers in honeybadgers did a great job. Thanks Vinodh Rajaraman, Binu chettan and their wonderful team for developing the way we planned it. Badgers are never compromised on the quality. Working together during this final step ensures that our project is not only functional but that it is designed with beautiful aesthetics too. Thanks to Amit (cloudforest team)for the patience and suport he has given to us in the process.

Okay, you might be thinking where is output?

Old version
New version

Here it goes www.mycloudforest.com . You can see the transformation from ‘.in’ to ‘.com’.

What do you think?

When you get a head
A head full of dreams
Into life I just been spoken
With a head full, a head full of dreams

Have a great day folks. :)



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